Everything You Should Know About Dracaena Adaptation

Dracaena Adaptation

Recently I’ve decided to buy some flower. Having entered the flower-shop I was attracted by dracaena. It was so tiny and so beautiful that I’ve bought it at once. The salesman told me it was called Dracaena Michiko and it was not difficult to tend it. But a bit later I noticed that some dracaena problems appeared. I noted that the lower scape had rotted and there were dry light stains on the leaves. So I read about dracaena adaptation and related problems and found out that for successful dracaena adaptation it is important:

- to maintain the temperature not below +15°C
- to make replanting once in 2-3 years in spring
- the lighting should be bright, but the plant has to be protected from direct sunshine
- in all seasons except winter watering should be regular but not abundant, and in cold weather it is necessary to water dracaena less often
- this plant needs regular spraying for protection from low air humidity.

Take care of your favorite dracaena, and it will bring you joy with its shining and hilarious look!