My Beautiful Dracaena Reflexa

Dracaena Reflexa

Last year we visited North Carolina Zoo, and there I saw Dracaena Reflexa (it is also called Dracaena Pleomele). Here is the photo.

I was captivated by its green and vivid look. I began dreaming of having it at home.
Of course, I started with some research. I had fears that I would not be able to care for it properly, and that I’d make some harm to this beauty one day.

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But house plants advising books were optimistic. They said these plants are so undemanding, that cultivation dracaena can be handled by a novice gardener. They did not suggest starting with such a variation as Anita, though, it requires plenty of attention as lighting, humidity, kind of soil and pruning.

I started with Reflexa and I have never regretted! It is just a perfect houseplant for busy and absent-minded people! It likes modest watering and enjoys moderate lighting. The only concerns I have are cutting of excess leaves and stalks if I don’t want it too thick. I also fertilize it twice a week. But it is absolutely worth the time!