Questions on Cyclamen: My 1st Concern

Questions on Cyclamen image

Since I received the first cyclamen plant as a precious gift almost 2 years ago, there was no sense to address any cyclamen society with the so-called ‘cyclamen questions’. But this summer, some of its unbelievably tender leaves simply turned yellow, so I had to pull them off.

As a result, my cyclamen coum has got fewer leaves. Although it still looks full, you may become as upset as I actually did. So being a specialist with many-year experience my advice is just to repot the plant. After all, you’ll get a chance to choose the smartest new pot! By the way, avoid burying the tuber while repotting. Also, check the room temperature that it will be in.

I’m pretty sure cyclamen likes it cool; that is why try keeping it far away from heavy air heating vents. Finally, do not overwater your plant, keeping media damp potting. And one more secret, especially for you: cyclamen is usually dumped after completing its blooming cycle.