Dracaena: How Much Water Should I Give?

Dracaena water

This question bothers too many people. To tell the truth, not so long ago I was one of them. As for now, I can give a few tips.

If you have these beautiful plants at home, keep in mind that dracaena planting and care requires many efforts. Dracaena is a quite drought-tolerant plant, and doesn’t like soggy soil. However, many things depend on the seasons.

As for me, I keep to a quite simple rule: to determine if the plant needs to be watered I insert a long bamboo skewer into the soil, wait a little and pull the skewer out to see if it is dry. Use only distilled water. Once I gave too much water and soon the leaves turned brown. Make sure you follow the slightest changes in order to know when you overwater your plants.

Dracaena: how much water does it need? It depends on the plant’s size, as well, BUT I am sure that too little water is much better than too much. Good luck!