Dracaena Spike and Its Replanting Needs

Dracaena Spike

We all are used to pronouncing ‘dracaena’ like druh-SEE-nuh, but some of my friends refer to it as to ‘spikes’. Dracaena spike is my favorite plant that is tropical by nature, but is very cold and drought tolerant.

I had to go a long way from planting to watering it in a proper way in order to have such a beautiful plant at home. To plant dracaena you are to choose a pot that is nearly 12 inches in diameter or even larger. Place dracaena spike to the same planting depth as in the cell pack and fill the space around it with the soil ball.

Personally I had to replant it several types, as my plant looked very unhealthy. So don’t be disappointed or surprised if you face the same problem.

The cases of secondary growth are also common to dracaena. At first, I thought that I did something wrong, while cutting dracaena, but then I was explained that secondary tissues are usually formed in the extra stellar and there’s nothing weird about that.