Is It True that Dracaena Poisonous to Cats and Dogs Is?

Dracaena Poisonous

I’m really frightened and worried about my cat Lucia and dog Sawty. I have learnt that dracaena plant is extremely dangerous for pets and cannot believe it as I have two little friends of mine at home and don’t want them to be poisoned. I’ve read that it may even cause death of a poor animal.

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My cat likes to eat plans growing on window-sills. I am not sure that it hasn’t tried dracaena. I’ve heard that there is a list of plants with high toxicity for dogs and cats. However, I cannot prevent my pets from touching and consuming these growers.

Perhaps, your home animal will not be poisoned if it eats one or two leaves, but it is better to watch them.

If you doubt whether dracaena poisonous to cats is, it is good to keep the plant on the balcony and shut the door. Maybe, someone knows how toxic home plants can be. Share your info with us, please.