Is Your Spathiphyllum Poisonous to Dogs, or 1 Sad Dog’s Life Story

Spathiphyllum Poisonous to Dogs pictures

If anybody ever told me that my pretty peace lily is to be poisonous to dogs, I would never believe. Indeed, how could herbaceous plants be not safe and do harm to such well-known self-healers as dogs? But since I planted a couple of Spathiphyllum specimen in my exclusive home garden one day, it ended with immediate emergency call to the local vet. Luckily, proper treatment was provided, though our Labrador had difficulties swallowing for a few days. Here is what my cousin from local animal poison control center said before any possible ‘questions and answers’: “Spathphylium plant is poisonous both to dogs and cats, being one of top 4 toxic plants, which prompt most calls to our center”. For this reason, she strongly recommends to discourage any pets from both chewing on and ingesting peace lily plants. Will you want your pet friend to suffer from oral irritation, drooling, vomiting and intense burning? I don't think so.