Tips on How to Trim Dracaena

Trim Dracaena

You’ve probably noticed that in spring and summer dracaena plants are growing rather actively, and knowing how to trim dracaena you ensure its beauty. My friends, who adore these plants, trim the leaves just when their tips are brown.

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I do the same, but also use trimming for propagation purposes. I use the cut part to propagate the plant. Just take the top of about 15 cm long, boil water and put this cutting in it when the water is of room temperature. As a rule, in 6-8 weeks all these cuttings turn into plantlets that are later ready to pot up.

Of course, you can propagate dracaena by sowing seeds, but I think this way is not very reliable, as not all the plants survive.

These facts on trimming are quite useful for those, who want to have beautiful dracaena plants at home. I’ve seen many cases when to keep plants from collapsing many owners use a small wooden rod. Personally I choose trimming and believe this way is much more reliable.