Brief Information on Areca Palm: Is It Worth Growing?

Brief information on areca palm

If you come across a reed palm with one or more smooth thin trunks with ringed scars, bright-green dense pinnate leaves, divided at the top, have no doubts, you have just got acquainted with the favourite cultivar of gardeners – areca palm. The species is one of the preferable due to its ornamentality, unpretentiousness and rapid growth. Besides that, this houseplant is a long-lasting one which means that it will be able to decorate your flat a house for several years.

This extraordinary plant got its name from its namesake – the coast of India. The genus is native to humid tropical forests of China and India, to the territory of the Malay Archipelago and the Solomon Islands. There are more than 50 species of this plant and only a few of them can be grown at home.

The most common species grown at home are: Areca triandra or Areca catechu. In its natural habitat stimulating gum can be made from Areca catechu. It is called Bethel. That is why sometimes it is called Betelevaya palm. The seeds of the species are poisonous, they contain alkaloids.

The specimen used to be on the endangered species list. Luckily, now each of us can see this magnificent plant in almost every street.