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    Areca Palm Plant: 10 Exclusive Advice on Areca Planting & Care

    If you like feather-like and thin-leaved houseplants, the areca palm tree is right for you. As for me, its attractive appearance is something more than the words can just say. Gracefully over-bending fronds and that elegant slow growing manner have been admiring my close gardeners and home owners for ages.

    All areca plants I have already had, are known to turn brown eventually and to be pruned by all means. The key secret is that by clipping the browned tips you’ll stop any branch growth of areca. In fact, this is the very last thing that this ‘Butterfly palm’ allows.

    My own experience proves one should treat this plant with special respect and care, in order it could totally add an airy-fairy tropical look to a person’s décor. Why, the tree comes from Madagascar, where it can fully go wild by flowing with up to 25 feet tall fronds! To be frank, I’ve always dreamed of planting areca in my little atrium…

    Thus, my plant community plans have come true, and I’m completely pleased with these easy plants to grow both indoors and outdoors. In other words, this is high time you made your own beautiful areca screen for privacy.

    10 Exploratory Areca Grow Facts I Got to Know

    10 Exploratory Areca Grow Facts

    1. Areca nut palm or areca palm is actually areca catechu. It has such names as ‘bunga’, ‘pinang’ ‘puga’ and ‘supari’. Actually, the plant originates from Pacific, Asia and east Africa, particularly the Philippines or Malaysia. This palm is also called ‘a betel tree’, due to its fruit, areca nut. In fact, the Indians often chewed the latter together with the betel leaf.

    2. There are more than 50 types of areca over the globe.

    3. This is a medium-sized palm tree, with height to 20 m, 10–15 cm trunk in diameter, 1.5–2 m in length leaves and numerous pinnate, crowded leaflets.

    4. Areca is grown for commercially important crops of its seeds, the areca nuts.
    5. The seed contains a number of alkaloids, which are intoxicating and addictive, when chewed.

    6. Areca palm tree is grown in India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian countries mostly for their seeds-nuts.

    7. The areca palm is widely used like an interior landscaping species too. Each of us can observe the plant in large indoor areas, for example, malls and hotels.

    8. It will never have fruit, flowers or full size.

    9. Once grown indoors, areca palms outside need low water, high light and proper care instructions of how to avoid either mealy bugs or spider mites.

    10. The areca nuts are extremely popular throughout many Asian countries and among working classes. The seed has some direct link to a mouth cancer, as well as to antidepressant properties.

    Areca nut – harm or benefit?

    As it was mentioned earlier, areca nut is the seed of the genus. Some studies show that people can benefit from chewing the so called areca quid. For example, it increases appetite and saliva production, produces relaxing or stimulating effect, alleviates several symptoms of schizophrenia, kills worms.

    However, there is not enough evidence to support these statements. At the same time there are a lot of risks this fruit can bring. Among them are: cancers of the mouth, esophagus and pharynx, increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, tooth decay. So there are more dangers than benefits when chewing areca quid.

    Growing areca palm tree – is it beneficial?

    According to NASA, areca palm tree has one of the best removal rates for formaldehyde. This chemical can be found in carpeting and is rather dangerous. Besides that, during the day the stunning plant is able to pump out a lot of oxygen. It should also be noted that the specimen works not worse than electric humidifier when it comes to restoring moisture.

    Areca Care: Propagation & Cultivation, Planting & Transplanting

    After all, this plant still wants a great deal of my attention for its majestic appearance and perfect ability to fit into my décor. But, all the work will turn to be a great payoff, be sure. These are useful growing tips, as well as areca palm care advice, especially for you.

    Areca Care

    Areca Planting

    • How to plant an areca palm? The areca tree is a very adaptable plant. Generally, it has no preference for a certain soil type if it drains well. Believe me, your own soil or any commercial potting soil will do. If the taken option is heavy, that is it doesn’t drain well, you can add 1 part compost plus 1 part sand, to its 2 parts soil. This will highly improve overall areca’s draining abilities.

    Areca Seeds

    • Which container should be selected when to plant/when to transplant the tree? Look, this is the one with either drain holes in the pot bottom or a tray to catch water. Anyway, this is a quick-growing plant that can germinate in 2 months or less. Your particular germination requires fresh seeds to propagate.

      According to the, they should be used immediately, without any cleaning. To plant a palm, bury the seed into a well-drained soil, mixed with water, sand and moist peat. Expose the pod to much light, humidity and warm air. In no time, you can plant the little tree in a large pot. By the way, rooted divisions may be used for new plant propagation.

    How to Grow & How to Care of an Areca Plant

    • This palm simply loves water, but not with the roots which sit in it. I would strongly advise you to keep the soil rather damp to the touch. On the one hand, the plant will start wilting, if getting not enough water. On the other hand, it will come back up if given sufficient water. Thus, there may be some root rot, resulted in the tree’s death. Remember that humidity is №1 necessity of tropical plants.

      Consequently, an occasional misting will turn your areca palm really happy.
    • Indoors, when the heat is simply drying the air out, you could probably water/place a humidifier aside or set the container on some gravel tray. In both cases, caring for your little helpless palm will remain it healthy.


    • In addition, I’ll give you a special note: no salt and minerals in water! Otherwise, this sensitive plant will show a number of tiny and dark spots on the leaves. Do you want this for your areca? Therefore, buy bottled water or soften/clean the outside source.

    • Also, it’s important to place the plant where it’ll get 6-8 hours of sun each day. Make sure that a glass window glaring sun doesn’t cause the burnt leaflets or drooping leaves. So, keep a tree a few feet aside from your window, or, perhaps, hang a curtain to filter the light.

    • However, you may also cut off the burnt fronds. Finally, do not think brown leaf ends necessarily burn, as far as it is quite normal for arecas.

    • The areca palms need water-soluble fertilizers about once a week. This way, you will prevent their sitting on the roots, as well as killing them.

    Cutting Areca

    • As for the pruning a young tree, it needs nothing of this. As it ages, the older fronds will turn brown and die off, without cutting areca off. Perhaps, you may do not like your palm’s getting too thick. Then, it is wiser to always cut off its older fronds, in order to prune the plant into shape. Our experts assume that 1 cutting new growth will stunt the entire plant growth.

    Dealing With ARECA PALMPests and Diseases

    Diseases and Pests

    • Speaking of areca palms’ pests, they do not bother much. However, they can be mealy bugs or spider mites, although occasionally. The best you can do is turning the leaves over and checking for these or those bugs. Actually, no areca images or pictures are needed to look for tiny dark/white spots and to identify the problems with diseases or pests.

      For instance, while noticing the spider mites’ web, mix 1 table spoon of dish soap in the spray bottle with water. After that spray the infected area and you’ll get rid of them at once. The little critters hate such procedures! Besides, you can just put a soap mixture on some soft cloth and wipe all the leaves off.

      As a result, there will be no chemicals used in your home, as well as no ill areca plants left.

    What to say, care of areca is your key to exotic palm presence in your home. In a word, join the Club of areca admirers!

    Why to be afraid of transplanting areca palm?

    Transplanting areca palm is not as hard as it may seem at first sight. If transplanting refers to a large species, first of all you will have to get rid of most old leaves. Then tie up the fronds (thus, the foliage won’t get damaged). Transport the plant into a hole prepared in advance. By the way, the diameter of the hole should be twice the size of the root ball.

    Centre the specimen into this hole. Make sure it is at the same level as it was growing before. Once you are done, backfile the soil. there shouldn’t be any air pockets. Water the soil around the root ball, it must be moist. After all the stages are completed, untie the fronds. Transpanting areca palm is finished!

    Taking care of the genus – a dream or a nightmare: areca palm care requirements

    It’s up to you to decide whether maintaining the species is a dream or a nightmare. Still, the majority of people believe that this plant is an undemanding one. Areca palm care requirements are as follow:

    1. During the spring and summer the soil must be kept moist. In fall and winter, however, the soil should get a bit dry between watering.

    2. The sunlight should be either bright indirect or curtain filtered.

    3. Temperature fluctuations may be dangerous. In the winter months try to keep temperatures from 60-70 F at night and the day temperatures should be from 75-85 F.

    4. From spring to fall use a fertilizer to give the soil all the necessary nutrients for a year.

    5. Simple rules. Not too much, isn’t it?

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