Pruning Areca Plant, or How to Survive This Nightmare

If you are looking for an attractive species that will be able to freshen home or office décor or to fill in the large empty space and thus become the focal point in living rooms, halls or reception areas, then I can advise you to put areca plant on notice. As long as you are able to provide it with reasonable amount of light and warmth, you will not be disappointed by this choice.

If you have already bought the cultivar and consider spacing and pruning, here are some tips.

Spacing these plants 3 to 6 feet apart will create a hedge effect. If you go for planting the specimen close to the building, make sure to plant it at least 4 feet away from the structure. Keep in mind that this genus grows from 15 to 20 feet tall.

That is why it’s better not to plant it under the roof overhangs or wires that are located low overhead.

When it comes to pruning, it must be mentioned that a mature plant prides in its 8-10-foot wide canopy if it’s permitted to cluster. If you want the specimen to serve as a background planting, let it retain all the foliage for a dramatic effect. So as to thin out a clump, pruning of lower (oldest) leaves must be done. Remove this foliage as close to the trunk as possible. In the result, the yellow individual stems will be revealed. An offshoot can be removed and rooted. It is advisable to prune using the shears that have been sterilized beforehand. It will prevent the spread of disease.