Dealing With Areca Palm Pests and Diseases

Areca Palm Pests and Diseases

Almost every gardener at some point wants to grow a big ornamental palm. In other people’s flats one can often come across such amazing plants as dracaena, yucca and certainly areca palm.

In the wild this species grows on the Philippines, in Malaysia and in Oceania. The height of the genus can be up to 30 feet when it’s grown outdoors. If the cultivar is grown indoors it tends to be 6-7 feet high. Generally it grows 6-7 inch a year. The plant’s trunk is quite thin with ring scars. All year round there can appear small white blossoms and dark purple oblong fruits.

The species grown indoors suffers from few pest or diseases. The major problem you are likely to face is root rot. It may occur if overwatering takes place or in case you left the pot in standing water. Another problem the plant can have is connected with the foliage. If the leaves are growing yellow it can mean that the soil has a too high pH or there is not enough potassium in it.

Brown foliage usually indicates over-fertilizing, dry air or probably deficiency of water. The genus can suffer from spider mites that like dusty leaves especially if the humidity is low and it is winter. However, the solution to this problem is a simple one. You’ll just need to clean palm fronds with soapy water.