Taking Advantage of Having Areca Plant: Benefits The Genus Can Bring

Areca Plant

The plants are used not only with the purpose to adorn the home. The usage varies. Some people want to block the visibility into their yard. The most common plant bought with this goal is areca plant. If one places this genus properly, he will be able to create a dense botanical barrier between himself and his curious neighbours. Several plants lined up in a row make it quite complicated to see anything through them.

This species can also be applied in a thin area, for example parkway. New suckers must be pruned and thus the number of vertical canes can be limited to just a few. Canes growing overhead create an amazing effect of a couple of thin canes adjacent to a walkway.

Although solo planting of the genus may be done in some places and it can be quite appealing , it’s quite rare. The specimen is usually grown with the array of other palms and companion plants to add some tropical effect to the place. Such a mixture is usually grown either in the garden area or against the house or a fence.

The species can be grown in a container as well. It requires good draining soil and regular watering only.
No doubt, the genus makes a nice interior palm. It is undemanding and needs air circulation, humidity and ample sunlight.