The fresh windy beauty: areca home depot decor


Designing a creative and welcomed atmosphere in a living space is an essential moment for a feeling safe and cozy while at home. Nothing can be compared with a healthy glowing plant to form a pleasant climate in a room.

Exotic and fresh image of areca plant is an excellent feature in an interior design. The Arecaceae family which the pot plant belongs to is widely spread in the flora of Asian tropical forests famous for the variety of their wildlife. Like many well-known house palms areca home depot is a great addition to an interior despite of its stylistic features.

The average size of this sort of palm is about 4-6 ft. which is suitable not only for spacious rooms. One of the main reasons its popularity that has to be mentioned is the simple entretien the palm needs: it can be grown both indoors and outdoors and watered regularly but not too often to bring fresh windy beauty for relaxing comfort.