Letting You Plant Flourish: Areca Plant Care Tips

A lot of people strive for having some flourishing greenery at their homes. However, the majority are intimidated by the care requirements a plant might have. If you decided to get areca, then you will be glad to hear the following news: areca plant care requirements are very simple. The only thing you have to avoid is the complete neglect of the plant.

The genus must be kept in semi-sun. Otherwise, it may lose its lower fronds. The specimen should be kept relatively moist. When the weather is quite warm, make sure to water the cultivar as soon as the soil gets dry. In winter it’s even useful if it gets slightly dry.

Starting from late winter through early fall here comes the period of the most active growth. Fertilize the specimen lightly at this time. That will give the plant most nutrients it needs for the whole season. If you are not quite sure about fertilizing, opt for too little rather than too much. Heavy fertilizing may cause the yellowing of the leaves.

Reasonable warm temperatures are favorable for successful growth of the genus. Try to protect it from drafts, don’t leave it close to both the freezing cold or boiling heat.

Now that you know how easy it is to care about this cultivar, we hope you won’t hesitate about getting one of your own anymore.