Areca Palm and Cats. Can the Plant Harm Your Pet?

Areca palm

I’ve heard dozens of times that some plants may do harm to pets. My granny grows areca on her window-sill. She also has two cats. I cannot tell you exactly how many leaves those cats have consumed, but they have experienced terrible feelings: vomiting, diarrhea and something like depression. My granny took them to a veterinarian who used medications and told her to prevent cats from eating areca as it was toxic to cats.

The thing is that areca palm and cats are better not to be kept in one room. Of course, you cannot explain your cat not to eat the areca palm plant or another grower, but you can keep this poisonous plant on the balcony or veranda where your pet commonly doesn’t reside.

The case with my dear granny shows that if a cat ingests leaves of areca, it will not die, but suffer from mild gastrointestinal distress. Take care of your little friend!