Grafting a Bonsai Tree, Is it Such a Nightmare?

Grafting Bonsai

The process of grafting is one of the ways of propagating the plant. It suggests joining the chosen parts of the tree or two different plants together so that they would unite and continue growing as a single plant. This technique is a challenging one. It’s worth doing because it is aimed at combining strengths of two plants in one new bonsai tree.

Winter is suitable time for grafting pines. The majority of deciduous trees should be grafted in spring or summer.

Grafting will be successful only if the stump and the graft are of the same botanical family. If two specimen can’t be grafted together successfully they are called incompatible plants. There are two techniques: side grafting and top grafting. Side grafting means adding a branch or root to an existing tree. Top-grafting is about merging a graft and a stump together with the goal of forming a new plant.

Cutting requires skills and experience. The knife used for grafting must be razor sharp. But as soon as this difficult procedure is over, you have to be ready that aftercare is not less important.

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