How to Get More Blooming on Adeniums

adeniums image

When I saw the first flower on my adenium, I was really happy! But one flower was not enough for me. So, I gathered some information how to get more blooming on adeniums.

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When the warm months ended, I found a cozy place for my adenium and reduced watering. In spring I trimmed my desert rose. When it became warmer, the first buds appeared on short branches. I used special fertilizers to make the color of adenium flowers brighter. Soon it started to bloom. Its pink flowers were gorgeous! And it was not just one flower! There were plenty of them!

After that success I decided to grow a few more adeniums. Every spring I prune them. Of course, fertilizing is important for beautiful blooming. I use more fertilizers for young flowers and reduce its quantity for the old ones. And my adeniums’ flowers are always magnificent! It doesn’t matter of what color they are. White or purple, they all are fantastic!