Time to Repot an Adenium

adenium picture

If you decide to grow these wonderful plants, you should know how to care about Adenium right. What is the best time to repot an Adenium? Perhaps someone disagrees with me, but I report Adeniums whenever I feel like it during warm months of the year.

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I can do it once in spring and twice in summer. I try to repot plants when there are buds on them, it doesn't hurt them at all. I guess it would be better to repot each plant on a regular basis once every year or so.

If you notice the container has become too small for your plant, you should take a larger one. Before you choose a container, keep in mind that the size of the plant can be increased. Remember that lots of water and some fertilizers (e.g. fish emulsion) are important when repotting. If Adeniums get enough water and nutrients, they grow quickly and have a great look.