What about Adenium Cold Tolerance?

Adenium Cold Tolerance

Adenium came to our country from Africa and Arabian Peninsula. That’s why it doesn’t like cold weather. Even though adeniums prefer warmth, they can be easily grown in our country. I place all my adeniums outside during summer months, so they can receive all possible sunlight. But how can we overcome poor adenium cold tolerance? When temperature becomes below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I take them into the house.

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Winter is the time for adeniums to go into the state of dormancy. Changes in temperature don’t do good to adeniums, so I find a cozy place for my plants and reduce watering.

Adenium pruning should be done in spring. That should be done while a plant is still in the state of dormancy. Be careful and use rubber gloves as sap of adenium may be toxic.

Cold months change into warm ones and it is again time for adenium to bloom!