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Adenium - bonsai tree

"Desert Rose", "Impala lily", "Sabi Star", “Karoo Rose”- all these romantic names belong to one plant - Adenium.
This succulent is native to Africa and Arabian Peninsula. It has a lot of admirers due to its exotic, eye-catching looks: this genus has loads of spectacular bright flowers and a very thick caudex and thus is often used as a bonsai tree. The color as well as the shape of its leaves varies depending on what cultivar you are dealing with.

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The foliage is often green, oblong, rounded or slightly pointed at the ends. There are variegated species with varicolored leaves, as well as there are specific types with long, narrow leaves. In general, the range of external characteristics is wide enough and, thanks to the selection, every year there appear more and more new hybrids with bizarre forms of the trunk and foliage and blossoms of various colors.

The natural growing conditions of this cultivar are harsh enough - dry, often rocky semi-deserts of Africa with a little rainy period. That explains why this plant is so unpretentious. In spite of that this specimen is rarely grown to large sizes. The thing is that the majority of people believe that it is slow-growing. This reputation is undeserved. When given appropriate care, the succulent is able to grow fast.