Why Is It Needed to Cut Flowers of Hussadee Nursery Adenium?

Hussadee Nursery Adenium picture

I like to breed house plants and always buy new species. I like exotic flowers most of all. My favorite grower is hussadee nursery adenium. I got it for my birthday. Don’t think that it will take you much time to grow adenium plants.

This Thailand “rose of desserts” is a real king on the window-sill.

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I have learnt that it is important to cut leaves, so this tropical plant gets the desired shape of a shrub or a small tree with a single stem. If you want to get a single-tree, cut the leaves, branches and trunk of a third of its height. Pinch your seedling when it is at most 25 centimeters in height.

If the goal is a bush, then cut the branch as low as possible. I can say that it is really good to form a plant that you like. Personally I sent my dear auntie a splendid shrub in the shape of a heart on her birthday. It was the best present.