Yamadori - Collecting a Bonsai Tree Right from The Wood

Plant Root Bonsai

Sometimes because of the lack of nutrients or due to other natural circumstances the tree can remain small in natural environment. Although you can experience some difficulties digging the specimen out and taking it home, it can be rewarding as you will be able to get a plant with extraordinary qualities for a bonsai tree. Make sure that you have a permission from the owner of the land to dig such a plant out. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal.

The most appropriate time for such a procedure is early spring, just before the tree begins growing.

First of all, using a spade, very carefully dig around the tree so as not to damage the root system.

Slowly lift the tree. Wrap its root system with sheets that were moisturized in advance. Thus, you will prevent the plant from drying out. As soon as you come back home, pot the tree.

Don’t forget to take a little bit of original soil from the place you were digging at. It should be used when preparing the soil mixture for the plant.

Find a large pot and fill it with the mixture of grit and akadama (only ¼ of the pot). Keep in mind that there should be a drainage hole in the pot.

Carefully put the tree into the pot and fill the empty room of the pot with the original soil mixture and akadama.
Finally, rinse the tree but don’t overdo it.

Yamadori Bonsai Tree Wood