Bonsai Meaning: Various Interpretations

Bonsai plant Meaning

If you come across the words bonzai or banzai, you should know that they are an incorrect spelling of the word “bonsai”. This is a Japanese term which refers to the form of art developed from the ancient horticultural practice of the Chinese. Bonsai meaning is the following - “a tree which was planted in a container”.

The target of this art is to grow the tree which will be miniaturized, realistic representation of nature. This plant symbolizes peace, balance and harmony. The connotations of the word can be various:

A general tree-like shape or style (it shouldn’t necessarily be natural to the original kind of plant that grows in the wild).
A profile which is not as detailed as, for example, a real tree but it possesses enough features to suggest an original tree without any doubts.

Comparative smallness (when we talk about the same kinds of trees outside of the container), for the fact that it can be easily transported and is able to be kept close-at-hand.

An impression of naturalness that has been slightly emphasized by human intervention. At the same time there is no evidence of human interaction.

A peculiar representation of something that is much more than itself. This lets every viewer clarify what is demonstrated according to his opinion. His memories and experiences have a great influence on what is built upon.

Something so valuable that it has got care for nearly every day of its containerized existence.

Something so respected that it was not forbidden to be brought at home for some time for honored guests although there was soil from the garden.

A miniature garden that represents the seasons and the owner’s favorite landscapes. It can be easily transported and is generally used for meditation and contemplation.

These are just some connotations of bonsai. You should decide for yourself what meaning it has got personally for you.

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