Adenium Light of Sun and Moon

adenium in container

Breeding of adeniums is a real challenge as there are many types of adenium and all of them are wonderful. I would like to have them all in my collection! But there is one kind which is the dearest to me. This is adenium Light of Sun and Moon.

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Not only its name sounds romantic and tender, but the plant itself is gentle and dreamy. It has got thick caudex, short branches and magnificent delicate flowers. I like to spend time dreaming together with my dear adenium.

I have got a favorite kind of adenium, but that doesn’t mean that the other ones are not interesting to me. Another type of desert rose I adore is Evelyn Marie. It has got a name with a strong character, and the plant really deserves it. I like its bright flowers! Besides, this adenium requires less watering as it is very draught resistant. That’s why it is easier to care about it.