History of Bonsai Tree: from Ancient Times to Nowadays

Thousands years ago Japanese people adopted the tradition of growing miniature trees in containers from the Chinese. Nowadays this art is known as bonsai (the word “bon” means a tray or low-sided pot, “sai” - a planting) and is no longer enjoyed by the Asian people only. Today people all over the world cultivate a bonsai tree.

It’s a well-known fact that in ancient times only members of aristocracy, priesthood and other high-ranking people could delight in growing the tree in a container. Starting from the seventeenth century miniature plants commoners were able to appreciate them too. And it’s not surprising: even those who are not interested in plants at all often cannot remain indifferent, seeing this particle of nature. An exquisite miniature grown in the pot looks wonderful in any season. In spring you will be able to admire its luxury blossoming, in summer - its lush green foliage. In autumn you will be fascinated by the riot of colors and in winter the dwarf plant will charm you with the lace branches.

This pastime is considered to be a very artistic one. Creating a miniaturized but realistic model of nature in the form of a tree is the ultimate purpose of this hobby. The viewers will contemplate the plant whereas the growers will consider it a pleasing exercise of effort and ingenuity.