Adenium Going Yellow

Adenium Going Yellow

One my friend had a birthday party. We had a great time when I saw a drooping adenium on the window. I asked my friend what had happened with his plant. He told me that it had been yellowing for a few weeks and its leaves had been falling off. I asked him to give that plant to me.

At home I examined the adenium carefully. I had to find the reason for adenium leaves curling. Besides, its leaves were yellow and continued to fall off.

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When I have problems with adeniums, first of all, I reduce watering and add fertilizers. And I did so with my friend’s adenium. Besides, I trimmed it and placed the desert rose so that it received a lot of sunlight. Soon new green and healthy leaves appeared.

In a few months my friend visited me. He couldn’t recognize his adenium! I gave it back to my friend, but this time he followed my care instructions accurately.
If your adenium is going yellow, check its watering and fertilizing!