Adenium Leaves Turning Brown

adenium leaves

One of my friends was worried about his adenium. He told me that its leaves became brown at ends. As he had moved his adenium to another room, we decided that the plant needed some time to get used to the new conditions.

In a few days my friend called me and asked for help. I asked him: “Are adenium leaves turning brown and falling down?”. I thought I knew the reason for his adenium problems. I advised him to check the humidity of air in the room and soil.

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Soon my friend called me again, but this time with good news. His adenium was better. Of course, it needed a lot of time to become as green as it used to be before, but it was not dying anymore. My friend reduced watering and put the flower back to its old place where air was dryer and that saved his plant.
My friend’s adenium looks gorgeous today. And he is very careful with watering now.