Dying Adenium

adenium obesum

Adeniums are known as long living plants. That is why it is so sad when they are dying.

An adenium grew in my house for a few years. It was spring and time for adenium transplanting. That was not a new procedure to me and soon my adenium had a new pot with fresh soil. But in a few days my beautiful desert rose looked unhealthy.

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Soon its caudex became wrinkled. I asked my friend for advice. He recommended me check roots of the adenium. And I really found the answers to all my questions in the pot. The roots were rotting. I used wrong soil for the plant. Because of bed drainage roots stayed in water.

That was the reason of their rotting. My dying adenium was one of my favorite plants. But I couldn’t save it. So, I cut off a branch and planted it. Instead of my gorgeous desert rose I had a tiny adenium. But it still was a part of my adored flower.

Now my new adenium reminds me of the old one.