Red Spider Mite on Adenium

Red Spider Mite on Adenium

There are only a few adenium pests which can really do harm to it. And one of them attacked my plant.

At first I saw that my adenium was losing its leaves. Then small webs appeared on my dear plant. One of my friends advised me to look on my adenium in magnifying glass. I was surprised to see little bugs on my desert rose.

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It is difficult to see red spider mite on adenium as it is very small. I needed to act immediately as webs of these spiders were clearly seen. I had to trim my adenium’s foliage. For protection of other plants I used chemical control. I applied it for three times within two weeks. Also I checked humidity in my house. It must be high if you want to get rid of red spider mites. Drying plants are the best shelter for these pests.

I managed to save my adenium. But it was a difficult battle. That’s why it is very important to examine your adenium regularly, especially during warm months.