Useful Tips on Identifying a Problem with a Bonsai Tree and Getting Rid of It

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Pests and diseases can harm a miniature specimen just like they can infect any other plant. However, if you take proper care of your bonsai tree, the risk of getting infected is reduced to the minimum.

The problems you can come across are:
1.Dying leaves. They can turn yellow out of a sudden and fall of the plant. That is the symptom of lack of water. If yellowing and falling of the foliage happens very slowly, it can be the consequence of sustained overfeeding or underfeeding or excessive watering.

2. Pets that can be clearly seen on the tree. Once you notice some pests you have to identify what kind of pests you are dealing with and search for the information on how to handle them.

3. The insects. The ones that can be often found on a tree are: chewing insects (grasshoppers, caterpillars, snails, etc), sucking insects ( aphids, mites, spittlebugs), parasites and soil organisms (maggots, grubs) or beneficial bugs (Spiders, ladybugs, worms). In this case use an insecticide to treat your species.

4. Fungi and viruses. If you have noticed the discoloration of the leaves and sudden dieback of branches, you can be sure that your plant was contaminated by viruses. First of all you have to separate the tree from other plants so as to avoid cross-infection. Then remove the infected parts of the tree and apply a fungicide spray.

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