How to Overwinter your Bonsai Tree

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In natural environment plants can survive temperatures of 14 °F and lower. It is possible because the roots are located deep in the ground and they don’t freeze. That is why if the roots of a bonsai tree are protected, low temperatures are not a threat.

It is highly recommended to keep a tree either in a greenhouse or cold frame in winter if you live in a cold area. In the shallow pots the danger of freezing the roots is highly possible. If the suggested options are not available, you can cover the container to protect the plant’s roots. If you live a warm climate, you needn’t worry and leave the plant unprotected.

When the specimen is dormant, prevent it from a long period of high temperatures. For example, open greenhouses can heat up when the weather is sunny and it can bring the tree out of dormancy. As soon as it gets colder, the plant won’t have any natural defense and thus the buds will die off.

During winter period pay attention to the soil. If you see that it gets dry, water it but be careful not to overwater the tree. Check the species for pets and diseases on a regular basis. When spring comes the plant can be placed outdoors again. But don’t forget that there can be late frosts so make sure to protect your favourite.

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