How to Survive Your First Plant: Adenium Care – growing tips

It is rewarding to grow a gorgeous adenium. This species can easily adapt to broad ranges of conditions and adenium care mustn’t be ideal. The genus may be maintained as a small tree or vice versa as a dwarf.

However, there are two fundamental rules you have to follow so that you could raise this resilient specimen successfully. They are connected with watering requirements. The first rule states that you should treat this plant as a wetland tropical (such as a ginger or a hibiscus) rather than a desert plant. The second rule is not less important. It reads that when the species is dormant you have to reject the first rule.

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During growing season the plant needs as much sunlight as possible. Large cultivars can be grown in full sun. They will also do perfectly well in partial shade.

What concerns temperature it must be noted that this succulent is heat tolerant and can thrive at the temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant can die in case you allow it to freeze.

The growing medium must be well drained. The perfect pH is 6.0 (slightly acid).

As you see it’s not difficult to grow this genus at all. Just provide it with enough warmth and sunlight – and it will gratify you with its amazing looks.

The Free 5-Day Adenium Email Course