Hybrid Adenium

Hybrid Adenium

I like to take care of adenium and know a lot about these flowers. Once I saw a very strange plant in a shop. It was an adenium, but its flowers were of unusual color and had a strange shape. It was a hybrid.

Adenium is really suitable for hybridization. For that purpose a plant should be grown from a seed. Hybrid adenium may be a real masterpiece. If you’ve got some experience in growing adeniums, you may try to make a hybrid by yourself. An instruction is really short and easy.

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The main point of it is that artificial crossing will result in a new flower.
Some hybrids may have a lot of stalks with flowers, other will have many branches. Try out different variants! You may create the best one for your collection.

Adeniums are really great flowers! It is easy to care for adenium, besides you may have a unique flower thanks to hybridization.