Saving an Adenium

adenium pot

My friend has got a wonderful Adenium Cripsum with very thick and vivid caudex and beautiful flowers. My friend loves his desert rose, that’s why he knows everything about saving adenium during cold months.

First of all he takes his adenium indoors as soon as the temperature reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit. He reduces watering and stops fertilizing. My friend finds a cozy warm and dry place in his house for the adenium.

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In fact, it is easy to save an adenium during the cold month. Even though it goes into a state of dormancy, don’t forget to check its condition. During cold months root rot often occurs. That’s why be sure you don’t overwater your adenium. Excess water is especially dangerous in this period. Some wrinkles may appear on its caudex. They will be gone as soon as warmth brings your desert rose back to life.

Take care of your adenium and it will please you with fantastic flowers!