Soil for Adenium

Soil for Adenium

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One of my friends decided to grow an adenium. So, he took the best soil from his garden and planted adenium. Soon the plant became ill and lost all its leaves. My friend asked for my help with his plant. First of all, we replanted the adenium. Its roots were in a bad condition, but they were not rot. That was good news!

My friend used wrong soil, and that almost caused root rotting. People call adenium Desert Rose because it came from Arabian countries and sub-Saharan Africa. And soil for adenium should resemble one of a desert. If you decided to grow this plant, mix sand, poultry grid, gravel and charcoal. This mixture will be the best for your desert rose. The main requirements to soil are free draining and good fertilizing.

After replanting my friend’s adenium grew healthy and beautiful. Suitable soil is very important for a plant.