Adenium Obesa

Adenium Obesa

I love Adeniums for their variety of colors: from purple and dazzling reds to white, some with black suffusions. They are my favorite plants and I’ve got lots of them at home. Thus, I’d like to share some secrets on how to plant an adenium.

It’s important to repot the plant into the pot rightly. Make sure Adeniums are planting in the pots at the same level as they were before transplanting. Caudiciforms like daily watering; however, you shouldn’t overwater them, especially in winter. Apply water-soluble plant fertilizer to the roots by watering weekly. Never spray it on the foliage.

If you plant Adeniums in the ground, they can grow about 5 feet tall. If planted in pots, they may come in different shapes and sizes. When it’s hot outside, I move Adeniums in pots to the open air; yet, it’s important to protect the flowers and leaves from the rain and cover plant when needed.

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