The Cheapest Way of Propagating a Bonsai Tree - Cuttings

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One of the cheapest ways of propagating a miniature tree is to cultivate it from cuttings. In comparison with the time you will have to spend if you decide to propagate a bonsai tree from a seed, cultivating the plant from a cutting will not take so long.

You will have to find suitable cuttings first. Choose a branch of the tree and cut it off. Pay attention to the size: it must be 2’’-4’’ tall and about 1’’-2’’ thick. Larger cuttings are also good enough although the chance of getting them to root is less.

The best time for this procedure is spring and summer. There exist hardwood cutting which may be planted after the season of growth.

Here are instructions for collecting and planting the cuttings:

1. Prepare the pot which will be about 6’’deep. There must e a hole for drainage in it.

2. Make sure that the bottom layer includes grit and akadama.

3. The rest of the pot must be filled with the mix of fine gravel, akadama, and potting compost.

4. The branches or leaves on the lower part of the cutting must be removed. Cut thick cuttings slantingly so that they were capable of absorbing nutrients.

5. If there is such a possibility, use the rooting hormone to dip the cuttings in. It will increase the success rate.

6. The cuttings must be rinsed by some amount of water. Do not disturb the surface of the soil by using a fine nozzle.

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