How to Graft Adeniums

Graft Adeniums

Once a friend of mine gave me an adenium. It was magnificent! But I couldn’t even imagine how to care about it! So, I took an adenium care guide to find some facts about this fantastic plant. And this guide told me not just about watering and fighting with pests, but there was a part which taught how to graft adeniums. That was more than interesting! So, with the help of my friend I found a desired scion of an adenium called Golden Crown. And it was time for grafting!

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In the beginning I sterilized a knife. Then I took my adenium and made a clean cut across its stock. That was the most difficult step, as it was possible to hurt a plant’s tissue. Then I took the scion and pressed it firmly to the freshly cut stock. After that, I secured a graft with a twine. And for the best result, I covered the scion and the stock with a plastic baggie.

As I had done everything according to the adenium care guide, soon my grafted plant looked fascinating!