Adenium Wrinkle

adenium desert rose

One my friends is fond of adenium propagation. He grows new adeniums from seeds and propagates them by cutting. And his favorite gift to his friends is adenium. Once he gave a desert rose to me.

By that time I had already had a few adeniums. But I was surprised when on my new adenium there appeared wrinkles during the warm months. I thought that something anomalous was going on. Adenium wrinkle is a bad sign. It may mean root rotting or drying of the plant. I was pretty sure that the desert rose was dying.

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I didn’t want to upset my friend, so decided to look through my adenium care guide for more information. And to my relief I found the reason of those wrinkles! My friend gave me adenium arabicum and wrinkles were typical for it!

Next summer my new adenium was blooming. It had fantastic pink flowers with red stripes. And its wrinkled caudex looked surprisingly beautiful.