Are Ficus Benjamina Roots Dangerous?


Ficus benjamina trees are usually used as undemanding ornamental houseplants. There is only one thing you should take into account when looking after them: do not over water them or they will develop a root rot. But very often people plant them outside having no idea how to grow ficus benjamina, and then they leave them growing without any control. In such a case ficus benjamina roots can cause significant damage.

This species has extensive invasive root sysytem which forms robust trunks above the ground.Ficus benjamina roots grow fast, spread rapidly bereaving the soil of the needed nutrients and affecting trees and bushes nearby.They can also damage driveways, sidewalks and other structures by lifting them.

In order to avoid such consequences, if grown outside, they need to be shaped and used as topiaries or clipped hedges.