How to Trim a Ficus Tree: 5 Steps to the Perfect Shape

How to Trim a Ficus Tree

Ficusses originated in humid tropical areas of the Northern Australia, Asia and the Pacific. They grow freely in the wild turning into real banyans, huge trees with multiple trunks and a huge root system. Keeping them in check and stopping their roots from damaging the roads is the main plant care issue for the natural outdoor growing trees. They generously yield for two times per year with sweet and healthy figs.

Of course the ficusses we get to see in our houses, schools and offices every day have little in common with their tropical counterparts. They are not as large and are unlikely to flower and produce fruit. They are beautiful with their lush green glossy leaves. Their ability to grow well in pots and indiscriminateness has attracted numerous gardeners around the world. If you are looking for a house plant and want something big, bold and beautiful yet simple and easy then ficus benjamina is just a thing for you.

Growing Ficusses Indoors

Follow our simple ficus benjamina growing tips and the results won’t be long in coming. So if you have already brought the young plant from the flower store home you need to take care of the following:

  • Find a good location. Ficusses cannot stand direct sun rays as they are extremely damaging. Find a spot near the window where the shrub can get lots of indirect sunlight.
  • Get a proper fertilizer. You can use a liquid or a solvable one once or twice per week during spring and summer months. Do not forget that during the winter and autumn month it needs fertilization about once a month.
  • Use soft water. In case you have been using the lime water for this evergreen shrub you now have to carry out the soil rinsing procedure. Take the pot outside and rinse the soil with water for a few times allowing the water to drain through the root system and come out through the bottom hole. Provide regular moisturizing by watering the plant every few days once the surface of the pot gets dry. It is important not to overdue on water as well.
  • Change the flower pot once every two to three years.
  • Perform annual trimmings to shape the tree. Read on to find out how to trim the ficus benjamina.

Shaping the Evergreen Shrubs

Every beginner gardener feels a bit worried when it comes to pruning the shrubs and shaping the plans. You obviously want to make things right and cause as little damage as possible. Actually it is fairly simple to prune the ficus tree properly. All you need is to learn a few tricks from the experienced gardeners. Read on when and how to prune your shrub:

Step 1. Decide on the best pruning time. The best is to shape the tree in the late summer or early fall right after the active growth period. Although you should cut off dead or broken boughs throughout the whole year.

Step 2. Cut close to the nodes at a slight angle. Make sure you do not damage the nodes.

Step 3. If you want to get rid of the branch cut in at the limb.

Step 4. Leave at least one node on every trimmed branch.

Step 5. Use cut paste for the bigger wounds.

We really hope you have found this information useful. Come back any time for even more expert tips and advices.