Ficus Benjamina Danielle: An Indoor Favorite

Ficus Benjamina Danielle

This beautiful plant grows freely in the Trinidad and Tobago area. Famous for its rapid growing and unpretentiousness it is popular as a pot flower as well as a garden tree. You have probably seen a potted tree in one of the friends’ houses or maybe in your office or the local school. Want to grow one yourself? Allow us to help you as we have prepared simple and clear instructions for the inexperienced gardener to grow a ficus with no stress or fuss.

If you still feel dubious about your skills no need to be. Once you grow your first ficus you are most likely to get another one. We believe that gardening is a great simple and easy relaxing hobby for everyone.

Grow a Beautiful Plant Yourself

Even though ficus benjamina is very common it is known under different names like “the weeping fig” or “the rubber plant” due to its glossy green leaves that have a rubbery look. The names might be different but you will always be able to tell a ficus plant because of its peculiar features. They have pointed glossy dark green leaves, short boughs and a dark grey trunk. If this trunk is cut you will see milky liquid coming out. Read on for the proper ficus benjamina care instructions:

  • Purchase a young plant from the local flower shop. You can also get a cutting and keep it in the fresh water till it takes roots. Then plant it into the pot, a basic all purpose soil will do.
  • Find the best spot for the plant. Ficusses like lots of indirect sunlight no matter if they are grown outside or inside. Direct sunrays can burn the leaves.
  • Your ficus wants pure distilled water only. Do not use tap water it might contain too much salts.
  • Moisturize the pot once every few days after the surface of the soil gets completely dry. Water moderately, try not to overdo.
  • A drastic change of environment might kill the shrub. Make sure there are no draughts and the temperature does not fall below 15 C.
  • Since the ficusses are famous for growing rapidly pruning is important. Perform it after the active growth period is over, early winter will do best. Do not cut off more than a third of the plant.
  • Use fertilizer twice a month during spring and summer month. You can use minimum fertilizer in winter months as well providing your tree has not stopped growing.
  • Plant it in a bigger pot once in two years. Spring is the best repotting time. Perform the root pruning and make sure you do not cut off more than a third of the tree.

How to Become a Pro Gardener?

Once you have learned all the basic info about your ficus you are very likely to try yourself on the new breed or maybe even try to do some bonsai. Ficusses are so various you can choose different leaf shapes and tree sizes. All of them are easy to grow and to look after. These plants are also known for purifying the atmosphere.

No matter if you like your ficus benjamina aka Danielle for their health benefits or for their beautiful stems we have got you covered. And remember that gardening is a great hobby. No matter what you can always come back to us. We have plenty gardening tips for you.