Ficus Benjamina Exotica: A New Breed You Will Love

Ficus Benjamina Exotica

Probably you have heard of the ficusses being really popular and amazing indoor plants and they are really good for the gardens. Bonsai them, use them as green fences; cultivate them the way you like either way ficusses have lots of benefits. And do not worry about your tree being plain. Any ficus can be turned into an original work of art especially with the various breeds available on the market.

Perhaps over time you would like to try other modern breeds like “rubber plant”, “microcarpa”, “ginseng” or “starlight”. But remember that collecting can be really addictive and you will end up with a big ficusses collection of your own. Think about it. Collecting those plants is a great idea; they filter the air and remove airborne toxins. Plus they freshen up any room and look good in any interior designer.

Exotica vs. the Traditional Ficus Benjamina

Ficus benjamina exotica cultivating is identical to the traditional ficus benjamina growing. So if you have had some experience in growing ficusses you will easily handle this one as well. The main difference is that the new breed has brighter green leaves, the young leaves are lighter and gradually the color gets deeper and glossier. The plant itself is more compact than its original predecessor.

You can grow these plants in the garden as well. They grow rapidly and can be used as green fences but make sure the temperature in winter does not fall below 15 C.

And if you have had some experience in ficus benjamina indoor care then you can pretty much handle every ficus out there no matter how exotic it is. Do not forget that the seasonal needs are different. For example in winter your plant needs little to no fertilizer while in summer and spring months fertilizing once every two weeks is important. The same goes for water. You need pure fresh distilled water because tap water is way too saline for ficusses.

How to Take Proper Care Of It

Tips on the proper plant care are similar to the basic ficusses care guidelines. Follow these simple steps to make sure any plant will flourish:

  • It does not like droughts or cold weather so try to pick out the right spot for the pot. If you move it your ficus might get upset and shed a few leaves.
  • Water it on time. Use distilled water and moisturize it every few days. Bad water or lack of it will result in fading and defoliation.
  • Make sure the plant gets plenty of indirect sunshine. Of course any ficus benjamina aka benjamin fig can survive through the lack of sunshine but the tree will look very anemic with small pale leaves.
  • Prune every autumn. Ficusses can take cutting and shaping really well. You can cut the leaves regularly, cut two leaves for every 6 to 8 leaves to insure better foliage.
  • And repot every other spring. Cut off the root binds and make sure you do not cut off more than a third of the root system.
  • Every ficus is great for bonsai. Give it two years before you start major cutting down the branches.

We really hope our advices have been useful for you and cannot wait to see your beautiful ficusses collection. Send us some pictures.