Is clematis invasive?

clematis flowering

Invasive plants are considered to be a threat to the native ecosystem. They grow aggressively and it’s extremely hard to control them. Such plants occupy the space of native habitants, shade or cover them completely. There are major chemical and physical alterations in the soil because of the “invaders”. Animal life doesn’t remain unchanged either: the structure of the environment may alter greatly. What troubles a lot of novices at gardening is whether clematis invasive.
There exists a good-looking specimen with small, abundant, fragrant white flowers. This charming plant is called sweet autumn clematis plant or terniflora, paniculata . If you are worried by the question “Is this species of clematis invasive?”, you will soon find the answer. It seems to be a gorgeous addition to any garden at first. But as soon as you learn that this plant is not so harmless, you may be disappointed. Due to its fast growth, its taking over is just a matter of time. Not long one, I must notice.
However, if you love this species and are willing to care for it, you can control an undesired spread by cutting back the flowers as soon as they fade, and right before they can set seed. Pulling is another way to control unwanted vines when they appear.
If you are willing to order this woody wine (for example, you intend to send it as a birthday gift to someone who lives in another country or state, or simply there is no a desired species in your home town), there exist several companies that will be glad to provide you with such service. Generally the plants are spring or fall shipped. But you’d better clear all the shipping details in advance.