Clematis rooguchi

сlematis rooguchi

Clematis “Rooguchi” comes from Japan and is a hybrid of a c. integrifolia. Its flowers are 2-3" in diameter which is considered to be a small-flowered variety. This species with its black stem and charming nodding purple bell-shaped flowers is dainty enough even for sophisticates.

The cultivation of this plant is easy even for beginners because it needs little attention. This variety prefers full sun or light shade with the base and roots kept completely shaded, slightly alkaline, moist but well-drained soil.

When clematis rooguchi emerges, it is quite sturdy but later it rambles a little bit. To support the plant, a lot of gardeners use cages or sometimes bamboo poles. It’s also a good idea to plant a sturdy perennial near so that it could keep the shrub clematis care upright.