Clematis ernest markham

clematis ernest markham

Clematis ernest markham is one of the easiest to grow species. It is a spectacular, vigorous, late-flowering vine which can be distinguished by abundant large flowers (4"-6" in diameter). The blooms are magenta-red with velvety light chocolate stamens. This variety is often grown over walls, arbors and trellises.

This variety should be provided with full sun (although it can also perform quite well in partial shade) and fertile, well-drained soil. The plant belongs to Group 2 together with such hybrids as “Nelly Moser”, “General Sikorski” and “Miss Bateman” which means it starts blooming in early summer and later produce a new display of flowers. The first flush of blossoms appear on the previous year’s growth. Then the second flush of flowers follows appearing on the new growth. This time the flowers may be smaller and some of the double ones this time can be single.

What concerns clematis pruning, the best time to do it with clematis ernest markham is either in late winter or early spring.