Clematis Ramona

сlematis ramona

Clematis Ramona is an impressive semi-woody plant that can twine 10’ to 12’ skyward. This vine is a large flowered variety. Its blossoms are 6"-8" in diameter and are of a very attractive colour - pale lavender-blue with prominent dark red stamens. The species can be easily confused with clematis “The President” because of their similar looks. The latter has deep violet-blue blooms though with contrasting reddish-purple anthers.

Clematis Ramona is a repeat bloomer. Bloom time for this species starts in the end of May – the beginning of June and new shoots appear again in September.

The clematis plant is easy to maintain. It grows well in full sun and partial shade (don’t forget about the rule “roots must be kept in a cool, shaded site”). The soil must be fertile, medium moisture and well-drained. Propagation is usually done through cuttings though a lot of people choose the royal road simply purchasing the plant.