Clematis virginiana


Clematis virginiana is also known as Woodbine Devil's Hair, Devil's Darning Needles, Traveller's Joy, Virgin's Bower, Virginia Virgin's Bower, Love Vine and Wild Hops. This vigorous fragrant clematis plant is a vine. Its native to eastern North America and the habitat of this species is represented by moist low woodland areas and thickets bordering streams, ponds and fence rows. This plant is pretty invasive and can spread aggressively by suckering and self-seeding. It can climb up to heights of 10-20 ft. Clematis virginiana blooms from late August to October with aromatic white flowers.

The species can be grown in areas where it will be able to scramble along the ground, fences or over shrubs. You can also grow it on trellises, posts or arbors. The growing conditions are as follow. The plant enjoys average, medium to wet, well-drained soils. It grows easily in full sun to part shade. The species may be pruned in fall after blooming or in late winter to early spring. Proper supply of nutrients during the growing season is needed so as to support rush of growth.