Easy Steps to Grow Bonsai from Seeds

Grow Bonsai

If you want to have a rare species at your home and not spend a fortune on it, you can grow you bonsai from seeds. A packet of them will cost you not more than 5 dollars.

The process is very rewarding as you will be involved in every single stage of the development. However, you will need some patience as it will take some time and you will have to take extra care about new, extremely delicate sprouts and seedlings.

If you are ready to this challenging journey, purchase the seeds from the companies that specialize in bonsai supplies. They will be a bit easier to work with for beginners. The most suitable time to plant them is normally autumn. Doing so, you will adhere to the nature’s timetable.

Find the planting container. It can be either a pot or a starter tray. The container must be spacious enough so as to avoid repotting when the seedlings start growing vigorously. There must also be drainage holes if you don’t want to deal with root rotting. Fine gravel or sand should be at the bottom. Fill the pot with potting compost. Its level should be 3/4”- 1” below the rim.

The soil must be rich in nutrients. Make shallow holes so that to put seedlings in them. You can do it with your finger or you may use a chopstick. Make sure they are not too close to each other. Otherwise, they will become overcrowded.

The seedlings must be covered with a thin layer of soil and then watered. Later, place the container outside or choose a well ventilated spot for it. The direct sunlight must be minimal. Make sure the soil is always damp.

5-6 weeks after the sprouts appear use light fertilization. As soon as one year passes, you can separate the seedlings and move them to their own pots.

Bonsai Seeds
Grow Bonsai Seeds